Beware when fake news gets out of control...


Feature film starring Katherine Parkinson, Lily Newmark and Jay Pharoah
dir: Rudolph Herzog
release: 2019


In a few days time, the Piece Of Peace global charity concert is due to take place led by the vain and mercurial rock star, Harry Hope (Jay Pharoah) and his over-confident PR consultant, Kate (Katherine Parkinson). When Ukbar war monger, Boris the Butcher, decides to call a cease-fire four days before the big event, Kate knows that she absolutely has to make this event happen or her career will be over. She embarks on a mission to Georgia to create a fake news story, letting the world know that the war is back on. Assisted by her naïve new intern, Peggy (Lily Newmark), the two quickly discover that they have taken on more than they can handle and as events spiral out of their control, all hell quickly breaks loose.