The ghosts of Berlin...


Rudolph Herzog's fiction debut on the past that comes to haunt present-day Berliners, from partygoers to real estate investors. Eerie apparitions, vanishing pools of blood and ghostly dreams become stark reminders of the city's troubled history. The protagonists of the book realize that the memories coded in Berlin's fabric, its streets, buildings and monuments, can no longer be ignored.

Press quotes: 

Truggestalten creates an impressive atmosphere... a clever montage, very convincingly assembled. A most successful fiction debut.

Rudolph Herzog almost classic ghost stories return to Berlin what the city had lost in the years of gentrification, partying and reunification - the forgotten sense of horror, of suffering, and a memory of the people who found themselves on the losing side of history.
Literaturagenten/RADIO EINS

Very laconic, very funny, too, sometimes one can't help chuckling, but this is real goose-bump material.

Herzog has a knack for describing social milieus and their inhabitants, making the reader curious as to how they will react to the unforseen.

"Truggestalten" is more than a stirring collection of Berlin stories, it is a fantastic history of Berlin bringing back all the past drama of the city and its inhabitants.

For a long time it was a good custom to take along a book when traveling to a city. For today's Berlin, this would definitely have to be Rudolph Herzog's "Truggestalten".