Rudolph and "Nuclear Folly" on BBC WORLD TV

A first round of reviews has just come back for my new book, A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY. Please follow the link below to see an interview with me
and a 1 hour reading on C-SPAN:

An eclectic, innovative approach to the bureaucratization of creativity during the Cold War.” —The Los Angeles Review of Books

“Unflinching… Let’s just say that Herzog’s use of the word ’folly’ is an understatement.” —The Village Voice, Spring 2013 Arts Guide

“It is arguably not possible to imagine human stupidity on a grander scale than what Rudolph Herzog has stockpiled in his new book.” —The Brooklyn Rail

I also penned this for the Financial Times:

last, but not least, FOLLY was voted Book of the Month by German Books.

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