Reviews: Süddeutsche, The Guardian, etc.

Some reviews have come back from the two most recent projects I've been working on:

-My film A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY went out in Germany and France on ARTE and was reviewed very favourably by Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany's leading daily paper.
"a tale of negligence and hubris that makes one speechless... at other times one can't help but laugh out loud". Spektrum described it as a „symphony of the absurd“. The film also rated well, coming in more than a third above the benchmark.

-Secondly, the film I coproduced - Mohsen Makhmalbaf's THE PRESIDENT - was screened at the Venice Film festival and got some great write-ups. Here's one from the Guardian:

„...a gutsy drama and a vivid parable. It’s the sort of movie that Milos Foreman might have directed forty years ago but it feels contemporary and as sharp as a tack. This is a really good film, and - startling though it sounds - Makhmalbaf might even have a rather commercial property on his hands“

For a trailer of THE PRESIDENT, please follow this link: