Expedition in search of Amundsen’s plane.

From October onwards, I will be editing my film about the disappearance of Roald Amundsen, the man who beat Scott to the South Pole. One of the features of the upcoming film will be an expedition to the Barents Sea. This was a collaboration between the Norwegian navy, the coast guard, the aviation museum in Bodo, the engineering company Kongsberg and German indie Context TV. Two ships were used in the operation of which one was lost due to a fire and had to steam back to port. The other continued with a tethered diving robot on board as well as the unmanned submarine HUGIN, a high tech device that maps the ocean floor all on its own using a sophisticated side-scan sonar. The film will also include footage from Bear Island which, incidentally, is home to a large population of polar bears.

Filming was also done at various locations on mainland Norway, featuring Liv Arnesen, the first woman to solo to the South Pole. All in all, quite an adventure. Filming on boats on the rather rough Barents Sea proved to be a challenge, particularly since we frequently had to wear heavy lifesuits on deck that made us feel like astronauts in outer space. I don't know if you've ever tried one of these on. It really is quite an experience, particularly if you're prone to claustrophobia. Since safety goes first on these type of expeditions, so there was no other choice but to take it in a stride. In the end, the mystery of Roald Amundsen's disappearance remained a mystery. But we have strong footage in the can that will reveal just why he went out on a kamikaze mission to save none other than his worst enemy, airship engineer Umberto Nobile.