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My new book on bizarre mishaps and „accidents“ with nuclear technology has been reviewed favourably by the German press – check out the quotes below and the films + projects section of my website. DER VERSTRAHLTE WESTERNHELD is currently being translated; the English version will launch in April 2013 (publisher: Melville House). I did a reading at Adler & Soehne in Berlin recently, and there are two more readings already lined up for your entertainment:

13. August 2012
Berlin, Heimathafen Neukölln, @ STORY

18. Dezember 2012
Berlin, Urania, An der Urania 7


"In spite of the daunting subject, this makes compelling and, ultimately, entertaining reading"

Book of the week

"a haunting and well phrased warning"

"Rudolph Herzogs collection of the most incredible stories reads as a tour de force through the most polluted places on the globe"

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For a German language radio interview with me on the book, follow this link to Radio 1:

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