C4 doc is critically acclaimed

Yesterday, the first reviews came back for my most recent film, The Peadophile Next Door, broadcast on Channel 4 (co-director: Steve Humphries). I've copied in some of the press responses and a short synopsis below. The film also rated significantly above the benchmark, coming in at 1.7 million live views.
UPDATE: Film was discussed in UK parliament briefly today 28-11-14

Press quotes:

"a triumph of brave and considered logic"

"a calm and sensible film"

"a groundbreaking documentary"

This thought-provoking documentary sets out to discover why legislation to protect children from sexual abuse has failed, and explores radical and controversial alternatives. It contains testimonies of survivors of sexual abuse, and that of a self-confessed paedophile who speaks out unpixelated. He is adamant he has never interfered with a child and asks for help to manage his dangerous sexuality.

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