Book on "Nuclear Follies" launches in March!

Since announcements by the “Galiani” division of publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch have surfaced, I'd like to confirm that my new book is set to be published in early March 2012. The English working title is
A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY. It's an overview of the most irresponsible things that humans have done with nuclear technology, from accidentally dropping a Nagasaki-type bomb on a train conducter's house, implanting plutonium into patients' hearts, devising high-altitude nuclear weapons to kill enemy astronauts and shooting a John Wayne movie in a radioactive Canyon.

The German title refers to the latter story, DER VERSTRAHLTE WESTERNHELD UND ANDERER IRRSINN AUS DEM ATOMZEITALTER (which roughly translates as „the Contaminated Western Star and other examples of lunacy from the Nuclear Age“.) It's based on research that I've been collecting and writing down over the course of several years, including some of my own memories of the final period of the Cold War. I grew up in Germany - the country that strategists saw as the nuclear battleground for NATO and the Warsaw Pact. A childhood in giant crosshairs, so to speak.
Anyway, I'd like to show you the cover of the hardback. German language only, I'm afraid. But the English rights have been picked up by Melville House, the N.Y. Publisher which so brilliantly produced my first book, DEAD FUNNY.

If you're interested in pre-buying the book, you will have to watch this space on Amazon:

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