Rudolph Herzog is an award-winning director, producer and writer. His BBC/ARD documentary on humour in the Third Reich sold internationally and his book DEAD FUNNY on the same subject was named a book of the year by THE ATLANTIC.

His second book, the critically acclaimed SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY, was recently published in the U.K., the U.S. and Canada. A documentary by Rudolph Herzog based on the book was featured on ARTE and NETFLIX.

He helmed a National Geographic special on polar explorer Roald Amundsen and THE AGENT on the Stasi spy Werner Stiller.
Rudolph is currently expanding into fiction with his book GHOSTS OF BERLIN and his feature film HOW TO FAKE A WAR both to be released in 2019.

Rudolph also co-scripted and executive produced THE WHITE DIAMOND, voted Film of the Year by TIME Magazine.
Other credits include THE HEIST, a 3-part series for Channel 4 (U.K.) in which real criminal masterminds attempt to commit the perfect crime.

Rudolph series produced Pro7’s 60x40 min. flagship GALILEO MYSTERY, lectured at the German Film Academy (DFFB) and worked as an on-staff columnist for NEWSWEEK.

As a producer, his most recent credit is THE PRESIDENT, winner of the Chicago Film Festival.

A complete showcase of Rudolph's work was screened at Warsaw’s renowned summer film festival.

(foto credit: JA! Bilbao)