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Rudolph and "Nuclear Folly" on BBC WORLD TV

A first round of reviews has just come back for my new book, A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY. Please follow the link below to see an interview with me
and a 1 hour reading on C-SPAN:

An eclectic, innovative approach to the bureaucratization of creativity during the Cold War.” —The Los Angeles Review of Books


My new film THE AGENT has received some very favorable reviews. For your information, some press quotes are included below:

"There's no better way to tell a story... a little masterpiece"

"Rudolph Herzog's documentary offers deep insights into the world of East-West espionage with all its turmoils."

"A film like a movie thriller. Rudolph Herzog grippingly tells the life story of Werner Stiller who was given a new identity by the CIA." Rating: 6 of 6 stars

"THE AGENT" premiers on ARTE on feb 5th

My new film THE AGENT will premier on ARTE on February 5th at 9:55 p.m. (GERMANY) and 10:30 p.m. (FRANCE).

The documentary is about the former nuclear spy and Stasi double agent Werner Stiller. He risked his life betraying secrets to the CIA. He then fled communist East Germany, changed his identity and became a millionaire stockbroker at Goldman Sachs.

"THE ATLANTIC" taps DEAD FUNNY as a best book of 2012

News has just reached me that my book DEAD FUNNY has been selected as a best book of 2012 by THE ATLANTIC.

The editors write:

"Dead Funny isn’t just a book of wildly off-limits humor. Rather, it’s a fascinating, heartbreaking look at power dynamics, propaganda, and the human hunger for catharsis."

Review of new book in "DIE ZEIT"

My new book DER VERSTRAHLTE WESTERNHELD (English working title: "A Short History of Nuclear Folly") has just been reviewed by Germany's top weekly, DIE ZEIT. The 1-page article states that it is ”meticulously researched and thrillingly told – reading this is as informative as it is spine-chillingly entertaining".
Needless to say, I'm very pleased to hear that the critic liked it. The book is currently being translated into English and will be published in the U.S., Canada and U.K. in the spring of 2013.

New documentary on Stasi double agent wraps

My new film THE AGENT / L'AGENT DOUBLE has just wrapped. It's the story of the notorious Stasi nuclear spy and double agent Werner Stiller who fled communist East Germany and became a millionaire stockbroker at Goldman Sachs.

The film was produced for ARTE and German Channel 1. Further information and transmission dates will be posted in my blog and in the films+projects section of my website (the image below was designed by Trickkiste).

Events and reviews: nuclear follies book

My new book on bizarre mishaps and „accidents“ with nuclear technology has been reviewed favourably by the German press – check out the quotes below and the films + projects section of my website. DER VERSTRAHLTE WESTERNHELD is currently being translated; the English version will launch in April 2013 (publisher: Melville House). I did a reading at Adler & Soehne in Berlin recently, and there are two more readings already lined up for your entertainment:

13. August 2012
Berlin, Heimathafen Neukölln, @ STORY

18. Dezember 2012
Berlin, Urania, An der Urania 7

Public talk with Prof. Ari Kelman in San Francisco

I have been kindly invited to the U.S. by the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco. Stanford's Ari Kelman will interview me on the subject of my first book, DEAD FUNNY - Humor in Hitler's Germany.

UPDATE TO THIS ENTRY (Feb 2nd): the event happened a few days ago and was well received... THX to the JCCSF, the Goethe Institute, the German Consulate, the Jewish Film Festival, the Congregation Kol Shofar and the Lehrhaus Judaica for making this happen !!!
Check out the snapshot - Ari Kelman is on the right. As the pic shows, we got on very well...

Book on "Nuclear Follies" launches in March!

Since announcements by the “Galiani” division of publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch have surfaced, I'd like to confirm that my new book is set to be published in early March 2012. The English working title is
A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY. It's an overview of the most irresponsible things that humans have done with nuclear technology, from accidentally dropping a Nagasaki-type bomb on a train conducter's house, implanting plutonium into patients' hearts, devising high-altitude nuclear weapons to kill enemy astronauts and shooting a John Wayne movie in a radioactive Canyon.

U.K. reviews: Sunday Times, Guardian, etc!

I recently returned from my visit to the U.K. during which I promoted my book DEAD FUNNY. I'm happy to say that it received quite a lot of positive press and I've attached some samples below!

Here's a one page interview in THE GUARDIAN, titled "Rudolph Herzog: Punchlines from the abyss":


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